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Pension Plan

This page is for members of the William Jackson Pension Plan.

Below is some key information about our William Jackson Pension Plan with some helpful links and contact details.

Statement of Investment Principles

Click here to read our most recent Statement of Investment Principles from our Pensions Trustees.

Pension Plan

Summary Funding Statement

Click here to read our most recent Summary Funding Statement.

Pension Plan

Get in touch

Give us a call for any queries about your William Jackson Pension Plan at:

Gail Woollin - 01482 301213 -

Joanne Umpelby - 01482 301214 -

Holly Orr - 01482 301214 -

Or write to us at:
William Jackson Pension Plan, 36 Derringham Street, Hull, HU13 0DZ

Pension Plan

For any more info

For other useful contact details click here.

Stay safe online. Click here to find out more about pension scams, how to avoid them and what to do if you suspect a scam.

Pension Plan

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