The WJFG Way

Our Heritage

From small beginnings with a grocery shop in Yorkshire in 1851, we are now a sixth-generation family business. Over the years, so much has changed and evolved. From what we sell and do to the ways we do it. But there’s one thing that remains unchanged. Our values and ethos have, and will always, remain the same.

We're family-owned with family values at our core. We look after our businesses and our people, inside and out, and we act with integrity in everything we do - there are no sharp practices here! We respect people and appreciate their role in our success. We’re in this together – for the long term – and we believe in winning the right way.

Our purpose is to have a range of terrific food businesses, each of which creates some of the greatest food in its field and makes us proud.

Our Chairman is Nicholas Oughtred and it was his great, great, grandfather William Jackson, who founded our business back in 1851.

William was clearly an old romantic as he married in the morning and opened our first shop, as a grocer and tea dealer in Hull, in the afternoon. Since then the business has been through many stages which have shaped the way we think and behave today. We a have a rich history but don’t make the mistake of thinking we’re stuck in the past - there’s lots more that we can achieve and we need even more bright people in our businesses on the journey.

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Doing the right thing

Our values are really important to us and we encourage anyone who is part of WJFG to live by them during their working day... Take pride, Do the right thing and Be the difference.