Jackson's Yorkshire's Champion launch rolls

Business News 26.04.19

Building on the success of our Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion bloomers we’re launching a matching range of rolls in white, brown and seeded exclusively in Waitrose on April 25.

Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion Marketing Manager Deborah Dyson said: “It’s great to see rolls launch as a new addition to the family – their launch is in part down to our great customers who have kept writing to us and asking for them! Like our bloomers, all rolls are baked in our Yorkshire bakery.”

The white rolls have a traditional sourdough taste and a hand-finished top; the brown have a delicious combination of malted barley flour, malted wheat flakes and jumbo oats, and are topped with oat flakes and wheat bran; and the soft seeded white rolls are jam-packed with linseeds, poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion rolls come in packs of four and have a RRSP of £1.29.