Exciting new WJFG brand - Boxed

Business News 11.03.18

We’ve added another brand to our family with the launch of Boxed in Tesco this March (12th).

Boxed is a range of premium frozen prepared meals containing great quality ingredients, offering a premium twist on five favourite meals. The meals are packed with natural ingredients, carefully prepared with no additives, artificial colours or flavours and each fast-frozen to lock in freshness and flavour.

Including only fresh and carefully sourced ingredients, such as British chicken and sustainable fish, Boxed offers convenience without the compromise. Boxed meals are all made to serve two and are priced at £7.00 RRP.

The meals include:
• Tikka Marinated Chicken Jalfrezi with Naan Dumplings
• Aubergine & Courgette Parmigiana
• Smoked Haddock & King Prawn Fisherman’s Pie
• Mac & Cheese
• King Prawn, Chicken & Chorizo Paella

The brand’s vibrant packaging is recyclable and made from sustainably sourced paper board.

Norman Soutar, our Chief Executive, said: “We saw an exciting opportunity to introduce premium meals to the freezer aisle and developed Boxed. Freezing is a great way to naturally preserve food and Boxed gives consumers the best of both worlds – convenience plus tasty ingredients frozen at their best – and we’re delighted to be adding the brand to the family.”

Boxed is being launched with an event at London’s Ice Bar, backed up with ongoing consumer, social and trade communications plans.