Meet our graduates - Helen.

Community News 19.12.17

Here’s Helen (far left) with Abel & Cole colleagues at their Christmas meal. And here’s what Helen has to say: “I’m currently part of the acquisition team at Abel & Cole, which sits within the marketing department. I’ll spend six months here building relationships and continually looking to improve our events agencies and sales teams. This will involve reporting weekly sales to our agencies, supporting with events as well as improving the training documents that we supply to them. I will also work on projects alongside the wider marketing team, such as digital marketing and partnerships, which will allow me to gain a broader marketing experience!”

Why did you want to work in the food industry? A love of food! This industry is a fast-paced, changing environment, always evolving and developing to fit with the market. I enjoy seeing the development of food trends and now I can do this at work!

What drew you to apply to the General Management Scheme? The diversity of the graduate scheme. It can be quite daunting finishing university and having to decide what area you’d like to go into having not tried it before. This allows you to try different departments and different types of jobs with a company in which you’re far from just a number.

How much responsibility are you given? It varies depending on the role. In my operations placement (my first role was in operations as an Assistant Zone Leader at MyFresh) there were times that I was given huge responsibility in terms of managing a whole department when my manager wasn’t there to oversee.

What’s it like working for WJFG? Fun! There are always so many exciting projects and developments going on! I’ve found everyone to be very accommodating; if there’s something you want to do and it’ll help with your development and learning within your role then people will try and find a way to make it happen. It’s also so nice to have a close graduate ‘community’ in which we all help and support each other!

What has surprised you most about working for WJFG? It’s very rare to get the exposure that we do to board directors and senior leadership teams as part of a graduate scheme.

What has been your most valuable learning so far? That the best way to learn and get the most out of the placements is to get as involved as you can in many parts of the businesses. That way you get a better understanding of how it works and how the different departments work together.

And finally, what’s your signature dish? Does lemon drizzle cake count?! We’ll give you that one, Helen!