Doing good, did ’em good!

Community News 13.09.17

Well done to our colleagues who gave something back to our local community this week.

We’re proud of our colleagues – Ron Leary, Charlotte Tupman, Emma Oakley and Lorna Griffiths from Jacksons; Pierce Dundridge, Francis Ahiakpa, Vince Sweeney, Peter Simpson, Janet Clarke, Ian Osle, Julia Hignett and Ilze Plumite from Aunt Bessie’s and Di Kirby from Group.

They all volunteered at Mires Beck Nursery this Wednesday 6th September, a charity which provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to be involved with the benefits of a working horticultural nursery.

They all got stuck into helping to clear woodland to make space for wild plant species to flourish, and got their hands dirty tidying the pond to make way for wildlife and to create another learning space for Mires Beck trainees.

Doing good, did ’em good!